Protect the Central Wasatch

Wasatch backcountry alliance is the unified voice for the human-powered winter backcountry community of the Central Wasatch mountains.


Free Shuttle

In an effort to address the infamous congestion in Little Cottonwood Canyon and the parking issues associated with trailheads to access public lands, the Wasatch Backcountry Alliance is expanding on our original “shuttle day idea” and has created a weekly, flexible shuttle system to address the needs of canyon users.

Trail Counting

WBA’s winter trailhead counter project provides the first ever long-term record of non-motorized winter recreational use in the Central Wasatch.


The group of businesses and individuals who stand to gain the most financially if a gondola is built in Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC) is at it again. Gondola Works has released yet another slick video, along with a series of broadcast ads, billboards and sponsored content, to try to convince Utahns a gondola is the best LCC transportation solution. 

Unfortunately, their claims about sustainability, clean energy use and LCC preservation are misleading and confusing. Don’t forget, 80 percent of Utahns are against a gondola in LCC.