The Uptrack

The WBA is excited to announce our new digital roundtable discussion called The Uptrack: Transportation Solutions for Little Cottonwood Canyon with hopes to answer all questions associated with the UDOT EIS proposals.

The first episode was the series kickoff with WBA board members discussing the history and status of the UDOT EIS, community responses and concerns, current position, and existing questions.

For those who cannot listen to the live events, we will be recording and posting the episodes for listening later here and via the major podcasting platforms. 

The full lineup of episodes includes:


Cog Train

Stadler presentation slide deck


Central Wasatch Commission

Addendum to the Draft Alternatives Executive Summary Video

UDOT Project Manager Josh Van Jura provides a status update on the LCC EIS, include an overview of the project background, purpose, process and the draft alternatives.

Little Cottonwood Canyon EIS Environmental Process Video

Overview of the National Environmental Policy Act process that UDOT uses to conduct transportation environmental analysis.

Alternatives Development and Screening Process

This document describes the project purpose, the evaluation process and the criteria used to screen potential alternatives.

Addendum to the Draft Alternatives Report

This report contains the most recent published analysis and information on the five draft alternatives currently being considered for the Little Cottonwood Canyon EIS. This report is approximately 100-ages in length and contains detailed information about new alternatives brought forward during the June 8 comment period and detailed information about each of the five alternatives including the screening process, criteria, cost estimates and preliminary environmental impacts.

Draft Alternatives Frequently Asked Questions

This document provides a comprehensive list of common subjects and questions brought forward by the public during the June 8 – July 10, 2020 public comment period for the Draft Alternatives for the Little Cottonwood Canyon EIS.