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For years now, the Wasatch Backcountry Alliance (WBA) has been stating that we envision a low cost, low emission, energy efficient year-round multi-modal transportation scenario for improving the current traffic issues in the Central Wasatch. The system we envision must be capable of providing efficient and predictable service from numerous locations around the Salt Lake

WBA Fall 2020 Update

Matt Clevenger working hard on his Wasatch Wiggle on a glorious day in White Pine. Photo: Sheldon Smith Hello Wasatch Backcountry Supporters! With finally-cooling temps and perhaps the first storm of the season dropping a few inches this weekend, our thoughts are starting to bend towards winter, which we hope will be a bountiful one;

Share your voice on Little Cottonwood Canyon Transportation Options!

Dear Backcountry Community, Thank you for your continued support of Wasatch Backcountry Alliance and standing together to protect the balance between our world class ski resorts and backcountry. We are asking you to share your voice and comment on the UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation) LCC (Little Cottonwood Canyon) EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) by July 10, 2020. After

WBA Supports Enhanced Bus Transportation Option for LCC

Hello Wasatch Backcountry Enthusiasts! Buses and Gondolas – Roads and Snowsheds. There’s been a lot of chatter and buzz recently about the EIS that UDOT is currently doing for Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC) and the various options that are being considered to alleviate the traffic issues in LCC. Given this issue is right in our

2019-2020 End of Season Update

Hello Wasatch Backcountry Enthusiasts! We hope this emails finds you safe and healthy, and you were able to get out and have fun during our “average” snow year. The conditions have been good recently, despite it going relatively dry in the 2nd half of the winter, which of course also corresponded with the advent of

March/Covid Update

Photo by Ron Winsett Images Howdy Wasatch Backcountry Enthusiasts! As another series of storms delivering good powder has exited our beloved mountains and the season snowpack total has just gone over 500”, the harsh reality of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hang over our nation and community, and will for some time. These are unusual

October 2019 Update: Ski Bus Efficiency; UDOT Abandons CWC and CCTAP; Paid Parking; and More

Hello Wasatch Backcountry Enthusiasts! As the first dustings of snow hit the high peaks our thoughts – like yours – start “drifting” towards winter. There have been a number of things happening in recent weeks that will affect our wintertime recreation, so here is a quick update. UTA At Monday’s Central Wasatch Commission meeting, a representative

Fall 2019 Update: Comment Opportunities About Central Wasatch National Conservation Area Act (CWNCRA)

Greetings Wasatch Backcountry Alliance Members. As the latest heat wave finally cools, issues around our beloved Central Wasatch backcountry are heating up. This coming Monday, September 9th, from 3-6pm at Cottonwood Heights City Hall, there will be an open house on the CWC’s latest draft proposal for the Central Wasatch National Conservation Area Act (CWNCRA).

Summer 2019 Update: Roadless Rule Update | Alta Still Targeting Grizzly Gulch | Central Wasatch Commission Update

Hello Fellow Wasatch Backcountry Enthusiasts! In these scorching days it seems hard to remember the many days of cold smoke this past fantastic winter, but we hope you are still getting up into the cooler mountains this summer.   As always, the issues surrounding wintertime access of our beloved Wasatch range continue to swirl even

Spring 2019 WBA Update

Hello Wasatch Backcountry Alliance members! We hope that you have continued to enjoy our bountiful snows this season as much as we have.  It’s winters like this that reinforce why we live here!  Though it’s now officially spring and the sun wreaks havoc a little faster, we are still hoping for some further spring snow.