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2/8/2024 My Experience Riding the Little Cottonwood Gondola

5/7/2024: Alta Ski Area shuns gondola, says metering signals could be answer to Little Cottonwood Canyon traffic

5/1/2024: Improving The Arrival Experience: Solitude Mountain Resort

4/17/2024: Newly merged anti-Gondola lawsuits claim UDOT violated federal law

4/16/2024: Parties suing UDOT over gondola call for traffic mitigation efforts in Little Cottonwood Canyon

4/15/2024: Parties in lawsuit claim Little Cottonwood traffic solutions are being stalled by UDOT

4/16/2024: Common Sense Coalition Urges UDOT to Use Existing Funding to Solve Traffic Congestion in Little Cottonwood Canyon Now

4/16/2024: Red Snake Letter

3/28/2024 Brighton man charged after pulling shotgun on snowboarder

3/26/2024 Town Of Alta Opposes Proposed Little Cottonwood Canyon Gondola

3/25/2024 Are traction laws enforced in the Cottonwood Canyons? It’s complicated.

3/24/2024 Letter: Taxation without representation: Transportation bill and the funding of the gondola

3/14/2024 Alta doesn’t need the gondola, Town Council decides, urging UDOT to consider other ideas

3/7/2024 Letter: We will spend a billion dollars of tax revenue putting buses in the sky because buses on the road aren’t classy enough. It’s madness.

2/27/2024 Utah Voices: What would you change about the Cottonwood Canyons? Share your perspective with The Salt Lake Tribune.

2/16/2024 Town of Alta considers formally opposing UDOT gondola plan

2/17/2024 Alta has ‘tenuous’ relationship with Snowbird. Canyon traffic is to blame.

2/7/2024 We can’t widen our way out of traffic congestion. So why are we still adding lanes?

2/2/2024 Opinion: There are many common sense solutions to canyon transportation. A gondola is not one of them.

1/26/2024 Letter: Population growth in Utah is not the only factor threatening to overwhelm the gondola

12/12/2023 UDOT wants to build a $945M light rail system for Point of the Mountain transit project

4/5/2023 Money Behind the Utah Gondola

8/6/2022 This Forest Service proposal would bring fees to dozens of popular Utah trailheads and recreation spots

8/26/2021 Brad T. Rutledge: Pick a Little Cottonwood Canyon transportation solution that solves the problem

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