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We know you love Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC) as much as we do! Now is the time to stand up and make your voice heard. Join us to help protect LCC and improve canyon transportation. The deadline to comment is TOMORROW, Friday, Sept. 3 – so ACT NOW!

What WBA Wants

Quite simply: Before spending more than half a billion dollars to tear up LCC to construct unproven solutions like a gondola or roadway widening, WBA is  advocating that we first adequately fund programs and resources that leverage the existing infrastructure LCC has in place today in an effort to address the traffic and congestion problems. Let’s fund a canyon bus program for Big Cottonwood and LCC that will alleviate traffic issues this season!

Some of these proven systems and programs could include:

  • Implement a Tolling System NOW
  • Enforce traction rules
  • Increased funding to support more buses
  • Reduced or free bus ticket prices on busy weekends
  • Express bus routes from locations all across the valley
  • Shuttles & vans to trailheads
  • Restrict Single Occupancy Vehicles on holidays and weekends

Finally, before any further action is taken, we must define and develop a plan to manage the capacity of LCC. The current plans being considered can add up to an estimated 1,000 more people to LCC every hour of every day during the ski season! This means there could potentially be many thousands of more people in LCC every day! Degrading the experience for everyone in order to drive more profits is unacceptable. Any program that adds more people to LCC and exceeds current capacity (as defined by current parking spots) IS UNACCEPTABLE.

We are firmly against any future ski resort expansion outside of their current footprints. Submit your comment to UDOT now using the form below.

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