From informative videos to casual shots of your favorite dawn patrol areas in the Wasatch, this is the place for videos shot for and by the Wasatch Backcountry Alliance.

This video was put together by Route 3 Films to give you a chance to see who the Wasatch Backcountry Alliance is, and what we are all about – human powered recreation in the Wasatch!


Here is another film by Route 3 Films.  This one depicts the impact that development within the watershed has on our water quality.


Thanks so much to Route 3 Films!

Ryan Hanlon left, with Jamie Kent.

Ryan Hanlon left, with Jamie Kent.


Route 3 Films Founder Ryan Hanlon and his crew has been passionate about the issues we face here in Utah with the Wasatch Mountains. After hearing about SkiLink in 2012, they independently flew to Utah to create the powerful Stop SkiLink video – all the way from St. Louis. Please fan Route 3 Films on Facebook as they haven’t taken any payment for the great work they’re doing in helping us protect the Wasatch.