The group of businesses and individuals who stand to gain the most financially if a gondola is built in Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC) is at it again. Gondola Works has released yet another slick video, along with a series of broadcast ads, billboards and sponsored content, to try to convince Utahns a gondola is the best LCC transportation solution.

Unfortunately, their claims about sustainability, clean energy use and LCC preservation are misleading and confusing. Don’t forget, 80 percent of Utahns are against a gondola in LCC.  

2022 Season Wrap Up

Now that April is here we have the annual expectations: people getting their bikes and running shoes out, heading for the desert, sniffing out a little corn snow, and the occasional nice big storm to deliver fleeting powder! As we all know, this season was our second in a row that had a fairly significant mid-season drought, but we hope that you were able to get out and enjoy the backcountry plenty regardless of the conditions. As the season starts to wane, we thought we’d send out an update on what’s been happening in the Wasatch these last couple of months. 

Reserve Your Shuttle Spot

Want to ride up LCC in style? Reserve your spot for the Saturday Backcountry Shuttle.

This service is provided and funded by WBA and Utah Mountain Shuttle. Success is contingent upon community cooperation and donations to continue the shuttle.