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2014 Annual Accomplishments

It’s been an exciting first year for us. A quick recap of our accomplishments:

  • Obtained 501(c)(3) status
  • Gained more than 1,400 members and over 2,500 Facebook friends.
  • Joined the critical Wasatch Mountain Accord process that includes state officials, federal officials, local cities, municipalities, ski resorts, and nonprofits. We represent on each of the Mountain Accord’s subcommittees: Recreation, Transportation, Economic, and Environment.
  • Asked by the Mountain Accord’s executive committee to provide maps of the viable (and threatened) Wasatch ski terrain and land ownership that will lay the groundwork for Mountain Accord policies/decisions.
  • Prepared a forward-thinking transportation plan for the Mountain Accord. Our plan is helping to shape the future of public transportation in the Central Wasatch.
  • Sought out by the media for comment regarding ONE Wasatch
  • Invited to participate in Ski Utah’s media/official ONE Wasatch Interconnect tour.
  • Collaborated with other nonprofits, businesses, and government officials to enable understanding of the importance of winter backcountry recreation and drive efforts to maintain balance
  • Requested to give an unprecedented presentation to the Mountain Accord’s Recreation and Economic committees to provide members with an overview of backcountry recreation and why it’s important to the Wasatch.
  • Participated in ongoing negotiations with the USFS and private landowners in Cardiff Fork to provide access, create awareness of private land issues and alleviate snow machine/human powered backcountry conflicts.
  • Instigated a comprehensive online survey with the University of Utah to generate a profile of wintertime Wasatch backcountry users that has been used in the Mountain Accord process.
  • Obtained a presence in the media with articles written about WBA in Backcountry Magazine, Utah Adventure Journal, Ascent, and the Salt Lake Tribune
  • Worked to acquire trailhead user data to generate actual counts of backcountry winter recreators.
  • President Jamie Kent was recognized as one of Utah’s “E (Enlightened) 50” citizens, honored for the work that he and the Wasatch Backcountry Alliance has done in it’s short existence.
  • Met with Utah’s congressional delegation in DC, the Utah state senate president, the USFS district supervisor, SLC Mayor Ralph Becker, and others to ensure that winter backcountry users’ perspective is well understood.
  • And we’ve still managed to ski (and ride, and hike, and otherwise play) a lot!

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